About Us

Local Presence
About UsVEC's history and experience dates back to 1976. Being located in the Inland Northwest provides measurable and distinct advantages in collecting debt. VEC has worked with over 4,000 clients to bring about continued higher recoveries.

Pair-up factor
Our large and diverse database is the key to our success in recovering debt for our clients. With over a million debtor records in our system, approximately 70% of accounts assigned have a prior history in our database. This history enables us to quickly determine the best course of action to recover debt.

Superior technology & techniques
VEC has invested heavily in information technologies. This technology combines with our incentive based staff, continually trained with the the latest collection techniques allows us to quickly locate and recover debt from consumers. Collection operations take place 13 hours a day for maximum contact with consumers.

Legal department
Some consumers will only pay their debts when legal action is intiated. VEC can pursue legal action in both Washington and Idaho. VEC is highly effective in recovering money using civil legal action.